The restaurant of the hotel

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The kitchen and the restaurant

Returning from the beach or a day at the pool, you’ll appreciate our kitchen.

Managed directly by the owners, the kitchen goes back to the simple and genuine gastronomic tradition of Ischia and Naples. Characterized by wholesome food and our own, which will surely delight your palate, such as the famous Ischitan rabbit.

The attentive service, the heat and the location of our room, will definitely be to your liking. In fact the service of breakfast / lunch / dinner is done in an airy room with view on the islet of Sant’Angelo and Maronti Beach.

In our Hotel, we serve a breakfast buffet, complete ranging from savory up to the Italian breakfast, full of sugar and carbohydrates.

In the panoramic restaurant you can enjoy traditional and typical Mediterranean cuisine with fresh fish every day. The hotel also offers guests a choice on food, according to their tastes and needs, providing always a good choice of dishes diverisi can enjoy, along with a good glass of wine Ischia.

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Where we are

Regina del Mare

Beach of Maronti
Barano Ischia, Naples, Campania

Tel: (+39) 081 990212
Tel(winter): (+39) 081 906217
Fax: (+39) 081 906234
Facebook: Regina Del Mare